Mini iPad

iPad will be soon released in a mini version between 5 to 7 inches in size and will be used mainly as an eBook reader.

Get ready for the Mini iPad – you’ll want to own one.

Mini iPad will be the first netbook which will fit in your pocket. Would you like to compare it to the iPhone? no need to do so as the iPhone is a phone after all while the iPad and specifically the Mini iPad will enable you to read book from the iBook store, play movies and games and do just about everything you do with the regular iPad just with smaller screen size.

The Mini iPad is estimated to launch mid 2011 and the price tag is estimated at $400. We can’t argue with success especially Apple’s this is why not having a mini iPad will make you different just as having a Nokia cell phone instead of an iPhone.

Get yourself a mini iPad before every one else does and your iPad applications will work on the mini version just as they do on the regular version.

Mini iPad is going to be the next eBook reader. Some expect it to sell more than the amazon kindle. The reason for that is that most books are 5″ inche in size which will make the iPad excellent for book reading.

Mini iPad

The Mini iPad compare to the regular iPad

Get yours today!