Mini Internet Radio

Did you know that you can stream more than 20,000 radio stations through a computer connection? Did you also know that there are actually over 5,000 web-TV options too? The main reason that you may not be enjoying all of this free entertainment is that you would have to first find each network or station and usually register with the site.
With the Mini Internet Radio and TV Player, however, you can skip all of the searching and registration and just head mini internet radiointo the fun. This device relies on a USB connection and the iRadioPOP Plus service to find and stream all stations available.

It is through this service that the device can then help the user to find any appropriate streams and to also access them without first completing an lengthy registration process that could also leave them open to all kinds of junk mail, spam, or worse.

Additionally, the mini internet device is what is often referred to as “plug and play” and once it is connected to an available USB port on the desktop or laptop computer, it then demands no special software or TV cards with which to access the thousands of programs available. Miss your favorite network show? The device also has a handy interface which allows the user to search for programming by such criteria as title, category, and location as well.

Because the Internet is fundamentally boundary-free, so too will be many programs available for streaming. A user might be able to enjoy TV and radio from England, France, or China in addition to thousands of domestic stations too.