Mini Internet Phone

Do you Skype? If so, you are already well-aware of the ease of use and tremendous financial savings available through the site. If not, you should investigate the many excellent (an entirely cost free) communications made available through it, including telephone options, instant messaging, and more. In fact, its increasing popularity has brought about the evolution of an entirely new technology altogether – the Mini Internet Phone. mini internet phone

This is a USB powered product from USRobotics, and it has been especially designed to function optimally with Skype. How is that? It has an exclusive feature known as “Hi-Fi Voice Technology” that provides a much higher call quality using the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It is designed much like a standard, but slightly undersized telephone handset, and is particularly effective and impressive when both callers are using the handsets as well.

Instead of struggling with a Bluetooth headset or old-fashioned microphone, the mini internet device allows the user to plug the device into any available port and then make toll-free call after toll-free call anywhere in the world.

The only requirements for using the device are an available USB port and the proprietary Skype software that is available for free from the site. Once it has been properly installed it can automatically detect all pre-existing Skype contacts and settings.

In addition to the USRobotics variety, there is also the Voiis Mini package, which is also easily integrated into Skype usage, and comes with the Mini Pocket Messenger device that makes calls, and integrates with IM applications like MSN and AOL too. This too is an undersized handset, measuring only three inches in length, and yet offering full color displays and super clear reception up to one hundred feet away.

It is important to note that the Mini internet Phone and the Mini Pocket Messenger are both items that rely on a VoIP connection. Neither is fundamentally capable of making phone calls without access to a pre-existing computer account. The benefits of the devices are that they have no ongoing fees associated with their use, and the applications that they run are also entirely free of charge as well.