Mini Internet Computer

Early on in the development of modern computer systems there were a few experts who insisted that an inexpensive and wildly powerful computer would eventually be available for a very low cost. That time arrived quite quickly and today there are many options that are high functioning and low-cost. mini internet computer

With the Mac mini, for example, a computer user is able to enjoy optimal power, function, mini Internet connectivity, and top end performance without emptying their bank account. While it is not one of the least expensive computers available, it is the least expensive for what it includes. Consider that it comes fully loaded with a bevy of excellent software, a massive hard drive with 80GB of storage, and the capability to function with any display desired.

Businesses are gobbling up these devices because of their low-cost, but also because of their amazing capabilities. A serious work station is easily created with one of these affordable wonders, and with several USB ports and output options this small machine could power a very high-tech office. Consider that it is an option that can be easily viewed in terms of “plug and play”, especially in environments where nothing but high-speed Internet functionality and the capability to handle complex web applications is required.

Is the Mac option the only feasible, low-cost solution available? Absolutely not, it is simply that it provides the most comprehensive answer in a miniature package. There is also a wide array of miniature laptop and even mini internet computer that make web and Internet access entirely easy as well. These, however, are particularly geared towards standard applications and demands rather than the complex database programs often required of professional work stations. One of my favorite mini computer application is the name for child information network, which helps young parents like myself to choose the  right name for the new born with the baby names guide and the free help they provide. Congrats for the new born? check the Name For Child application.

When discussing computers as “affordable” or “low cost”, is there currently a somewhat fixed price that defines those terms? For example, the Mac mini, when it is referred to as an inexpensive option, what does that mean? The Mac mini had a base price of roughly $500, and most of the consumer mini computers with capabilities for surfing and Internet browsing are in the $300 area and higher. When you begin to add such options as computer displays or additional memory the prices can quickly add up.