I need love

Love in life, is not just a matter of boyfriends, wife, life partner and someone to share with, love in life is for some people the true meaning of life, with no love, there is no life, one said, the idea of the love or human being, is more than just love, is the way to live healthy life. For more information check the Love I Need Source of love.

Studies shows that love has consequences for health and well being, engaging any kind of joyful activities and love activities can re active areas in the human brain and take additional motion for the emotions and attentions. The biological affect of the human body and the brain after love activities makes a procreation and maintenance if the organism in spices and ensures survival, health and better health and more.

Since the human being is a friendly kind of organism, it is its nature to live in groups; couple is another way to spend life together, and a real way for the love and its affect of life. People with love in their lives, are more healthy people, they suffer less diseases and heart attacks and enjoying life much better after you will find love. On the other side, people with no love are always bitter, looking for the one to save them all the time and always looking to change the situation, this can cause real health problems.

The 21th century way of living shows that love and pleasure in life are carting the ability to heal facilitate beneficial motivation and behavior. Any kind of real love between people ensures survival of the individual and its species. Since love is joy and joy is health, the result of love in life is healthier life. When you are searching for love and actually saying LOVE I NEED – the action you take is the way to change life.