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it’s time to stop talking about making money and start making money, the easy way, the rich way.

That’s why I came up with an easy solution.

I’ve been playing for over 21 years.  I’ve played just about all styles from bluegrass to rock to jazz to the blues.  I even play classical and celtic!

About 14 years after I started playing, I started teaching guitar.  I’ve done that for several years now, though I’m very picky about the students I take.

I thought about making a ‘learn to play guitar’ course myself, but it’s a LOT of work – way more than I have time.

So what I did is found the best of the best courses out there, so you don’t have to waste your time and make tough decisions about which one to try.

As I check out these courses, I’ll list them and give you my honest, unbiased opinion of each one of them.

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Team Method Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar

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