Facebook Chat Smiley Emoticons

If you are using your Facebook chat while talking with friends and family and still don’t have any of the Facebook chat smiley emoticons services installed, you are missing all the fun. The Facebook chat smiley emoticons are the next thing if we are talking about Facebook chat and if you are looking to have fun while using it.

Like the rest of the chat emoticons, in Facebook this option have one reason mainly and it’s to make the chatting experience much more user friendly than just chatting. It’s true that you can answer the question: “how was your day?”  in many verbal ways, but most of them will be 4-5 words minimum and will not always deliver the message to the chat partner. With one simple Facebook chat smiley emoticon you can easily deliver the message that you have a great day or a very bad day, just choose the right short cut for the right emoticon.

The short cuts are easy to learn and it’s common to use. Means when you are getting used to have the happy smiley emoticons instead of the word “great”, you will use it automatically with the short cut : – )

In addition to the known Facebook chat smiley emoticons there are some several emoticons that are hidden from the regular users and belong to the underground Facebook users, these are most of the time the special emoticons for special events and occasions.

Expert Facebook chat smiley emoticons users are chatting with more emoticons than words and the chat is looking like a story of graphic images, most of them are yellow, which describe best the chat users feelings. These young Facebook users are using the best time of the emoticons and always looking for new Facebook chat smiley emoticons to use, while chatting.