Castor Oil: Safe Alternative to Commercial Hair Loss Solution

Just browsing the net will take you to websites with pop-up ads offering you acclaimed best solutions to hair loss. However, experts recently found a new alternative to hair loss remedy – castor oil. This oil is very cheap, which made it popular for those who are tight in budget. It is effective and safe to apply as well. There are other benefits in using castor oil aside from preventing hair loss.

The benefits of using castor oil for hair loss are numerous. The reason why it works is in the nutrients that it contains – mainly ricinoleic acid. Find out how it works and why there are more consumers buying castor oil in the online market.

A Cheap and Safe Alternative

The last resort for hair loss is to opt for hair transplant, which is an expensive procedure. However, many of those who suffer from hair loss do not have the means to do choose this. So experts found another solution that is cheaper and safer. Using castor oil on hair care will not only improve its shine and texture. Many brands now offer castor oil products that can be used for skin, hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil on Hair and Scalp

Castor oil is rich in minerals and vitamins that help restore hair health. It improves the strength of hair follicles to prevent falling hair. It makes the strands more resilient against damage as well. The antibacterial properties of ricinoleic acid unblock hair follicles on the scalp to prevent dandruff and other scalp concerns.

It stimulates the blood flow to the scalp to ensure that each strand of hair receives nourishment. What’s more, castor oil drags out the growth phase of hair strands and reduces the shedding phase to keep your hair looking voluminous. You can use just the oil or mix it with other products.